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How can I enter a giveaway?

To enter a Tombolo giveaway, go to our new instagram page (@tombolo.io) and like our giveaway post. Then follow everyone that our page is following. After that, tag your friends! Each friend you tag, is an extra entry.

Please make sure your account is set to public at the time of the giveaway selection or else we cannot verify you as the winner.

A random winner will be selected based on the list of entrants. Upon selection, the winner’s account will be audited to confirm that it met all the requirements of the giveaway. The process is repeated until an account is randomly selected, public, and is following all the required accounts.

Each giveaway will have its own announcement date as per its respective terms and conditions. Generally, announcements are made at 3 pm PST the Monday after the close of the giveaway.

No, this will not help you in any capacity and all requests of this nature will be ignored.


How does it work?

To get more information about the giveaway process please go to our Info page.

Accounts that would like to partner with us can do so via our Partner page. Just answer a few questions and go through our partnership process. If we need any more information, we will reach out.

Our September 1st campaign has a non-negotiable partnership fee of $2,000.

Each giveaway has many different factors and audience reach. Therefore, we’d like to avoid making projections until we are able to gather more data. Rather- we make a guarantee of 10,000 followers. Each follower short of this mark will be refunded on a per follower basis.

Unfollowing after a giveaway result is shared is just something that comes with the territory of hosting a giveaway and drawing new audiences. When the giveaway is live, we urge our brands to post high quality content to retain the users who are genuinely interested. If the participants do not align with your page to the extent that they unfollow, it is ultimately better that they do not drag down your engagement rate.

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